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Giving Back

Sera Briggs

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching I wanted to pop on to tell you a little about how I have chosen to give back with my business. If you are a follower that has been here a while you may already that one thing I am most proud of about being a business owner is using my business to help others in need. I have done this since day one of establishing my business.

So here are a few ways we give back…

  1. Love’s Kitchen in Meridian. They are a non-profit that feed the hungry in the Meridian and Lauderdale county area.

  2. The Center for Pregnancy Choices in Meridian. Their purpose is to assist those facing an unplanned pregnancy by showing them the love of Christ and guiding them away from the thought of an abortion.

  3. The Reclaimed Projects in Marks, MS. They provide care centers for orphans in Africa, help fund adoption grants, and also provide jobs for the less fortunate in the MS Delta as well as in Africa.

Again with Thanksgiving approaching, it is so important for us to be thankful for all we have been given and for us to use all that we have been given to help others.


Almost 3 months and the Products that We Could not Live Without

Sera Briggs

I cannot believe that our sweet girl is 3 months. Where has the time gone???? In one way it seems like we just had her yesterday; on the other hand, I can’t remember life before her. She is smiling, giggling, holding her head up, and starting to really notice her fur siblings!!!


She is a very go with the flow baby when her colic and reflux aren’t giving her fits, and I am so thankful for that!!! Our little hospital stay set us back on the little eating and sleeping routine we had going, but we are finally trying to get back in the swing of things!!!


So on another note the products that we are loving the most around here are…..

  1. Rock N Play

  2. Swaddlers Swaddles

  3. Footed PJS

  4. Ryan and Rose Pacifier

  5. Owlet

  6. Swing

  7. Dr. Brown Bottles

  8. Fisher-Price Piano Gym

  9. Baby Bathtub

  10. Young Living Lotion and Linen Spray

  11. Gripe Water

  12. Gas Drops


I know each baby is so different, but I think most of these products would be great for all babies!! I have no clue what we would do without each of them!! They have made our life and our sweet girl’s life much easier and enjoyable!!


Livingston Pop-Up Shop

Sera Briggs

Hey y’all!! I wanted to drop in today to tell y’all more in detail about the pop-up shop, why I chose to do it, and why I am taking a break from the online selling right now!!!

First off, I want to say thank you to everyone that has supported my pop-up shop so far!! The outpouring love and support from the town of Livingston, AL, as well as all of my online followers has been truly amazing. The decision to open the pop-up shop was one that came with tons and tons of thought and prayer!! As most of you know, I started this business out of my bedroom at my parents’ house a little over five years ago. My intentions were to strictly be an online business. I never had intentions to do shows, and I for sure never had intentions to have my own shop.


I originally started having flash sales on certain nights of the week, and it quickly grew to having trunk shows all around town. That’s when the thought of holiday shows started to be come intriguing. My mom and I went to a few and scoped them out, got a game plan together, applied, and the rest is history. With the shows came lots of stuff. I had to buy my own trailer. This was my first big girl purchase!! I had to buy lots of things almost as if I was opening a store, but a store that would be setting up and taking down a lot. Also, with the shows comes a whole lot of merchandise. Once I got married and had a house of my own, I now used my old bedroom at my parents’ as well as every extra corner of our house I could.

As my business continued to grow, our house continued to close in on us. About a year ago I had my inventory in the Shine Shop in Livingston. I absolutely loved my time there, and the customers seemed to like it as well. Once I found out we were expecting Madi Walker, I knew I had to once again expand my business. I originally thought I would just rent a building, and it would be more like a warehouse so to speak. But then I really got to thinking about the pop-up shop concept. I really put a lot of thought in to it before I announced anything about it, but it just felt right. I think so far people like the concept that basically each time we open we have just about all new things. This way with it being a small town, customers don’t see themselves all around town. Also, people are learning that when we are open if you see something you like, you better grab it because it more than likely will not be there the next time you stop in.


I have had tons of people ask me “why are you not open all the time” and “why do you call it a pop-up shop”. Well here is the answer. We travel doing our holiday and spring shows. So we may be in Livingston one weekend and Tennessee the next. That part I think has taken people the most getting used to. The shows are my bread and butter and they allow me to travel, meet my customers in person, and stay home with my little one most of the time. So for the time being that is what works best for my little business and like I said earlier because of the shows we turn over a lot of merchandise very quickly. So it actually allows us to offer even more in our pop-up shop the small amount of time that we are open verses just being open in one location all of the time but having the same merchandise hanging for longer periods of time.

Now to address why I am taking a break from the online at the moment. The short answer is it was just not the best fit for our setup right now. Most people may not know that I live a good 45 minutes from our Meridian location and a good 20 minutes or so from our Livingston location. I don’t go to each town each day. One day we may have a certain sweater at one location, and the next it could be somewhere else or even sold out. With the space between all the locations and with how fast we sell things at our location, I could just not give the customer service that I would like without never being able to cut it off. Customers are too important to be done this way. With being a new mom, it is VERY important to be to be present and in the moment with Madi Walker as much as possible. Being a business owner it never stops completely, but the way I have it set up currently is like what works best for us at the moment.


With that being said, you never know what the future holds. I am never going to say never to anything anymore. The one thing I have learned from the pop-up shop is never say never!! I have said from the beginning that I would absolutely never own an actual storefront. Boy have I eaten those words lol.

So if you made it to the end of this post, you are too sweet!!! I would again like to say thank you to each and every person that has supported this little business so far!! Without y’all it would not be possible. So again thank you so much for helping me live out my dream!!!


Carolyn's Collection Update

Sera Briggs

As I sit down to write this, I cannot believe it has been a little over a year since we originally launched Carolyn's Collection!!! Today is so exciting because we are relaunching it with a few new twists, and I wanted to give y'all the full update!!!

First of all, I want to take a minute and say thank you so much to everyone that supported us last year when we originally launched the Carolyn's Collection!!! Y'all blew us all away and you kept my girl busy with her thank you cards!!! 

Ever since we put a pause on things, so to speak, Carolyn has been reminding me daily she is ready to get started again and that I need to order her more thank you cards to write on!! When I say daily, really I mean at least 100 times a day!!! 

0140184A-1671-4D5B-BBF6-B5379F9F97B3 copy.JPG

The thank you notes are where her heart is more than actually making the jewelry!! So we came up with the idea of having a jewelry collection still but not being handmade by her and myself.  This allows us to have more options to offer, she can still brag about her jewelry EVERYWHERE we go, and she can focus on what she loves most—-writing all of our customers little notes.

What will remain the same is that we will still be donating a portion of our proceeds to organizations that focus on special needs.  That is something that is still and will always remain close to my heart!! Last year we were able to donate to the Tim Tebow Foundation, and we hope to be able to do the same and even more this year!!  


We are so excited to relaunch our jewelry collection, and we cannot wait to see where all we get to ship orders to!! It is like Christmas for us both every time an order comes through!!  So again I just wanted to pop in and give an update as to where we are with things and say thank you to all of our faithful Carolyn's Collection customers!!! You will never know what you mean to me for being part of bringing so much joy to my girl's life!!