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Carolyn's Collection

Sera Briggs

Hey y'all!  I wanted to drop by and give you all of the inside scoop on Carolyn's Collection!!! First of all, y'all blew us away on our first bracelet sale!!! Thank you so so much from the bottom of our hearts!!! 

To start, both my mom and Brandon's mom each have one sister, and they both have special needs.  That is why I have always had a special place in my heart for people with special needs.  Even though Carolyn (Brandon's aunt) and Kim (my aunt) are so much a like, they are also so opposite.  They are both very active and love church more than anything.  They love their birthdays and they love love love to shop!!! Now Kim has pretty much always been this way, but Carolyn has just found the shopping and being into clothes. We tell her she has turned into a diva!!! 

For the past 15 to 20 years, Kim has lived in a group home near my grandparents which is about two hours from me.  She loves it!!! She has a job that she goes to everyday.  She gets to go on trips, shopping, out to eat, and all sorts of fun actives that she enjoys.  It has truly been such a blessing that she is able to live there and that she enjoys her home.  

Carolyn, on the other hand, lives across the street from me with my mother and father-in-law.  This is why you see us together so much.  She started living with them about two years ago when Papa (her dad) passed away.  Even when he was alive, they still lived across the street.  We just never saw her except at church because those two stayed in the road.  

You see Papa, for most of his career, was a headmaster and his wife worked with him a good bit.  So Carolyn always went to work with them.  Her mom passed away about 26 years ago and ever since she pretty much never left Papa's side.  I mean anywhere Papa went Carolyn was right there.  Papa got sick and passed away pretty sudden.  He was 83 but a spry 83.  The whole town was worried as to how Carolyn would handle it because she never left his side.  With God's help she has done wonderful!!! 

Our whole community has been there to cheer her on and to encourage her.  We even laugh now that we have created a diva!!! I guess going from being around men all the time to girly girls she has totally changed her hobbies and wardrobe although she still loves folding towels, going to the gym, and those darn computer games.  Working at a gym folding towels was her last job she had when Papa was still living.  

Spending so much time with her, I knew that she missed having a purpose and something that is her own responsibility.  She absolutely loves helping me with Edna Grayce's.  So I began to ponder what we could come up with that would be hers.  That she could do and talk about and be proud of (and maybe keep her out of mischief).  When she gets something on her mind, THAT IS ALL SHE WILL TALK ABOUT. That is how we came up with Carolyn's Collection.  

If you haven't heard about it, it is our bracelet line and we are about to add necklaces.  It is a part of Edna Grayce's.  I do all of the making and she does all of the thank you cards to our customers.  She loves writing cards and she has so enjoyed writing all of the thank you notes. Yesterday she handed me about ten legal size page sheets of where she practiced writing her notes!  We also found out on a recent trip to a wedding that Kim too loves helping me make the jewelry! I had taken the beads with me to make bracelets; she immediately took over and we never heard from her again.  All she wanted to do was make bracelets!!    

When I started Edna Grayce's, I decided I wanted to donate a portion of all of our sales to organizations that are close to my heart.  So, when we started Carolyn's Collection we wanted to do the same and give to organizations that focused on people with special needs.  

For our first sale as well as our upcoming sale, we chose the Tim Tebow Foundation.   They do amazing things for people with special needs and we are so thrilled that we can be a small part!!!

Y'all our first sale blew us away!!!! We sold out in just a few hours!!! It was crazy!!! We literally had sales from TX, MS, NJ, TN, LA, OK, MI, AL, KS, & IL. Can y'all believe that???? I know we couldn't!!! We cannot wait to see where the Lord takes Carolyn's Collection.  We just hope and pray that your bracelets will be a reminder that we all have a purpose no matter what. And sometimes even......our purpose might be to help others have a purpose.   


A Southern Fellowship

Sera Briggs

Happy Thursday y'all!!! Yesterday was a very special lady's birthday!!!! Yesterday was the day the Lord allowed Honey Holden herself to make her grand entrance into the world.  So what did we do yesterday?  Celebrated!!!! We came together as a church family and gave her a simple yet sweet surprise party, and I wanted to share a little of it with you!! 

We decided to have the party at our house to throw her off.  If she had seen us coming and going from the church yesterday, she would have known what was up!!!  So we decided to go with a Southern BBQ style party.  

What was on the menu:


Cole Slaw

Baked Beans

BLT Potatoes 




Sweet Tea

Since we were going with the southern theme, that meant picnic tables and gingham check tablecloths (from my wedding rehearsal dinner) for sure.  As far as the flowers go, we used wild flowers (from the side of the road) in mason jars (from the wedding).  If I have learned one thing about party planning from Honey Holden, it is that you keep everything!!! You will use it again one day.  She is always pulling out stuff and making a completely new look with things she already had!  She is the party planning queen of Briggsville.  So when we were thinking things up for the get together, we asked ourselves "what are some things we already have?"  You see when you live out in the middle of no where like we do, running to Hobby Lobby or wherever to get a million supplies is not in the books and that's ok.  Even though bought decorations are great and I am girl that needs every tablecloth to touch the floor and match, I think what makes our get togethers all so special is the love and fellowship we share with each other.   The point of this whole post is I guess two things--- next time you plan a party try and use all things you already have and make a totally new look with them, and the next thing is always remember that the fellowship and love is always more important than the pretty decorations.

So yes we had fun celebrating Mrs. Stephanie's birthday, but more than this over the years she has tried to model for us that celebrating each day intentionally is just as important as to celebrating the BIG days.  So to the big and the little days---celebrate them for what they are in your life.  They are all important!!!


See Honey----we are listening.......... 

The Story Behind the Sign

BusinessSera Beth Briggs

Today I wanted to share with y'all about my Edna Grayce's sign I use at my shows. It is the most important and special thing I have purchased since starting my business. 

First off, it is painted by Catherine Ann of Hi Y'all! I love anything she does. So when I had this idea in my head, I knew she was the perfect person to make it come to life. I wanted something unique that would stand out, and it to have a southern flare to it. It also needed to show the roots of my business. And boy does it do all of those things and more!!!

To help you understand, let me explain all the meanings of its words and quotes. 

Edna Flanagan: She is my great grandmother who Edna Grayce's is named after. She too owned a clothing store on the square in Kosciusko, MS many years ago.  

Believe, Dream, Pray, Blessed, & Adopt: Those are all words that are close to my heart, and they were used in some of the first t-shirts I ever designed. 

8/01/13: That was my very first day of business. 

Reclaimed Project, Love's Kitchen, and Center for Pregnancy Choices: Those are the three organizations I have chosen to support with Edna Grayce's. When I started, I knew I wanted to be able give back and this is where the money goes. Each organization holds a special place in my life for different reasons. 

And to top it all off, can we talk about the background?? The background is made of old sewing patterns and old tickets from my great-grandparent's department store!!!!! 

When building a house, a person would want to build it on solid ground so it wouldn't collapse. A person's spiritual life is built on the solid rock of Christ. So I knew starting my business I wanted it to be built of the solid foundation of God, faith, and family. This canvas tells my story!

Happy Wednesday!!

Sera Beth Briggs

This past week has been one for the books. I was able to slip away and stay several days with my grandparents. This is always one of my favorite things to do. Being the only grandchild is the best!!! 

My mom and I were able to take them to their doctor appointments, eat good home cooking, and watch Valentine's movies on Hallmark. I got to stay a little extra, and Mimi and I did a little shopping. 

Where they live has the cutest town-square, and one of my favorite shops happens to be located on it. We did a little looking and dreaming of how we would decorate our houses if we had tons of money.  

Papa was busy getting ready for a wild game supper that he helps prepare for every year along with other men from their church. He is like a kid in a candy shop this time of year when the wild game supper rolls around. They were able to share the gospel with over 500 men Saturday night.  Even after a hectic Saturday, he was also able to go play his guitar and sing with the preschool children while we were there. 

Whenever I get down and out, I just think of him and all the obstacles he has thrown his way (cancer, losing his eyesight, and Parkinson's) and his focus is still on showing the love of Christ to as many people as he can. 

I was able to come home Sunday and enjoy church dinner with our church family. Lastly, Carolyn and I were able to start out our week at Br. Nick and Honey Holden's house for dinner and game night. It's been a fun last couple of days. Now on to the rest of the week.