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Birthday Party Fun

Sera Briggs

Happy Monday friends!!! I wanted to share with y’all today MW’s birthday party that we had this weekend. We had a blast spending time with close family and friends. Today I wanted to share with y’all party details and later in the week I am going to share with y’all a few of the gifts we got for her and what we think about them.

When it came to planning her party I chose not to set a particular theme. My goal was to try and use things we mainly had and buy the minimum. I ended up buying balloons, cake toppers, plates, utensils, flowers, and food. Everything else we already had!!!

Y’all know I am an Amazon Prime girl through and through… So I bought the balloon arch and one of the cake toppers off of Amazon. As far as the balloon arch, I thought it was very reasonably priced for the amount of balloons and various sizes that were included. I ended up buying two of them just so I would have enough balloons incase something happened and so I would have the same color balloons to go in various places. It ended up working out perfectly.

So if you are looking to do a balloon arch check amazon. I am not great at matching colors and putting things like that together. So it made it super easy that the colors were already all put together and they provided different size balloons. It was super easy and I thought it turned out cute.

Also, when it comes to tablecloths and backdrops we already had all of that. When we got married as well as our cousins we all bought our own tablecloths instead of renting them. Y’all I can’t tell you how many times we have all used those tablecloths. It was so worth it and as far as our weddings go it was cheaper for us to buy them verse renting them.

Lastly the photo back drop is something else that I have had for several years and it has come in handy so many times. I will say I have a cheap one and it is not that sturdy. So I would suggest investing in a little bit of a nicer one. Overall though if you like to throw parties I would suggest getting one!! They just make it so easy to have a cute focal point for your party.

I am going to link everything I can. Like I said I just about had everything we needed prior to the party and I only had to purchase just a few things!!!

On another note when it came time for her party we decided to pick a cause to give back to. We are firm believers in it is better to give than to receive. So we wanted to start teaching MW this from the very beginning. We asked that all of our friends and extended family bring items for our local animal rescue in lieu of gifts. It ended up having a great response. So not only did MW get a lot of fun toys from her dad and I along with her grandparents but we also have a good amount of things to take to the animal shelter!!!

I hope y’all all enjoyed, and I hope this was helpful!!!


Cake Smash

Sera Briggs

I can’t believe my little lady is already turning one this week!!! Time has flown by that is for sure. Y’all know this mama loves pictures and loves documenting everything. Which is pretty funny to me considering my mom has never even owned a camera.

Anyways we had the pleasure of working with Hope Davis to capture MW’s first birthday pictures and it was an absolute pleasure. MW was not feeling well at all the day of her pictures and she was so moody which is not like her at all but Hope had so much patience working with her and made this mama's dreams come true with these sweet pictures.

If you are in need of a milestone photographer I can’t recommend her enough!!! Also, our sweet smash cake was made by Margie at Margie’s Mixing Bowl.


Amazon Romper Love

Sera Briggs

So since becoming a new mom I have quickly fallen in love with clothing that is not only easy to wear and comfortable but clothing that you don’t have to worry about when chasing a little one around. I don’t want to have to be worried about my dress being too short, or that she’s going o pull my top down and things of that nature. So I have been on the hunt for easy to wear and style outfits that don’t break the bank. I ordered these two rompers off of Amazon a few weeks ago and I cannot even begin to tell y’all how much I love them. They are both super affordable, great lengths, and so comfortable. They both come in multiple colors and you can dress them up or wear them as a more casual outfit!!! I hope y’all love them as much as I do!!