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A Southern Fellowship

Sera Briggs

Happy Thursday y'all!!! Yesterday was a very special lady's birthday!!!! Yesterday was the day the Lord allowed Honey Holden herself to make her grand entrance into the world.  So what did we do yesterday?  Celebrated!!!! We came together as a church family and gave her a simple yet sweet surprise party, and I wanted to share a little of it with you!! 

We decided to have the party at our house to throw her off.  If she had seen us coming and going from the church yesterday, she would have known what was up!!!  So we decided to go with a Southern BBQ style party.  

What was on the menu:


Cole Slaw

Baked Beans

BLT Potatoes 




Sweet Tea

Since we were going with the southern theme, that meant picnic tables and gingham check tablecloths (from my wedding rehearsal dinner) for sure.  As far as the flowers go, we used wild flowers (from the side of the road) in mason jars (from the wedding).  If I have learned one thing about party planning from Honey Holden, it is that you keep everything!!! You will use it again one day.  She is always pulling out stuff and making a completely new look with things she already had!  She is the party planning queen of Briggsville.  So when we were thinking things up for the get together, we asked ourselves "what are some things we already have?"  You see when you live out in the middle of no where like we do, running to Hobby Lobby or wherever to get a million supplies is not in the books and that's ok.  Even though bought decorations are great and I am girl that needs every tablecloth to touch the floor and match, I think what makes our get togethers all so special is the love and fellowship we share with each other.   The point of this whole post is I guess two things--- next time you plan a party try and use all things you already have and make a totally new look with them, and the next thing is always remember that the fellowship and love is always more important than the pretty decorations.

So yes we had fun celebrating Mrs. Stephanie's birthday, but more than this over the years she has tried to model for us that celebrating each day intentionally is just as important as to celebrating the BIG days.  So to the big and the little days---celebrate them for what they are in your life.  They are all important!!!


See Honey----we are listening..........