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Giving Back

Sera Briggs

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching I wanted to pop on to tell you a little about how I have chosen to give back with my business. If you are a follower that has been here a while you may already that one thing I am most proud of about being a business owner is using my business to help others in need. I have done this since day one of establishing my business.

So here are a few ways we give back…

  1. Love’s Kitchen in Meridian. They are a non-profit that feed the hungry in the Meridian and Lauderdale county area.

  2. The Center for Pregnancy Choices in Meridian. Their purpose is to assist those facing an unplanned pregnancy by showing them the love of Christ and guiding them away from the thought of an abortion.

  3. The Reclaimed Projects in Marks, MS. They provide care centers for orphans in Africa, help fund adoption grants, and also provide jobs for the less fortunate in the MS Delta as well as in Africa.

Again with Thanksgiving approaching, it is so important for us to be thankful for all we have been given and for us to use all that we have been given to help others.