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The Start of Hair Training

Sera Briggs

So while scrolling through Instastories a few weeks ago, I came across my friend Rachel’s stories about hair training!!! I was instantly intrigued because who doesn’t want to go longer without having to wash and fix their hair?

So I started following Jasmine Hair Co and ordered all the things:

  1. light weight dry shampoo

  2. good quality shampoo and conditioner

  3. heavy dry shampoo

  4. a shine brush

  5. a wet brush

Y’all this has been amazing!!!! I already go a long time without washing my hair, but it looks like a grease pit, and I normally have to wear a ball cap for most of the days.


So what am I doing?

  • On wash days, I brush my hair really really good. Then I wash my scalp really good. Next, I wash my hair itself. Then I condition it. I rinse it out and then blast it with really cold water at the end.

  • Once I finish washing it I brush it out really good and dry it going in the opposite direction.

  • I fix it as normal.

  • Each night and morning, I brush it really good, apply dry shampoo, scrub it in, and then brush it again.

I have to say the brushing it and the dry shampoo are the two most important changes for me. I use the lighter dry shampoo the first part of the week and the heavier the later part of the week!!! This has been a huge game changer for me and can we just talk about the time it saves??!!!

Give my sweet friend @mrsrachelcox and @jasminehairco a follow!!!