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Our First Swim Lessons

Sera Briggs

Hey y’all!!! So I have been getting lots of questions about MW’s swim lessons. So I thought I would share our take on the experience.

First off, we decided to do the swim lessons so early on because we have a family pool across the street from our house where we spend a lot of time, and we also have a pond that surrounds two sides of our house. So getting her as familiar with water as we can has been our goal from day one.

Second of all, she is a little dare devil and isn’t scared of anything. She has lots of older cousins that she wants to be on their level so badly. So I wanted to see how she would do with somebody else while in the water and how she would do different exercises that they had her doing verses me.

We ended up choosing the Sanderson Center on the Mississippi State University campus for lessons . From where we live it’s not that bad of a drive. We have to drive a ways to go anywhere. We loved it and our instructor!!!


I would highly suggest this class if your little ones aren’t that sure of the water. I think it would be a wonderful way to familiarize little ones with it and make them feel more comfortable in the water.

Our instructor was certified to work with little babies. I believe they start at 6 months of age. They offer group and private classes. We decided to go with private just because it worked better with our schedule.


If you do the group lessons a parent will need to be in the water for each lesson. For private I only got in twice. The first day so they could see how she would do and to make her feel a little more comfortable, and the second time so she could go under and I would be there to be the first thing she saw when she came up.

I will say she did great!! However, everything they really did with her we had already been working on with her. Mainly they worked with swimming with our assistance to retrieve toys and getting water poured on her face. They did teach her how to get out of the pool by herself which I was really impressed with; the instructor used a flexible noodle around MW so that she had a little freedom, but she never let go of her. She would throw ducks and toys for MW to swim to retrieve (with the instructor’s assistance). She helped her practice kicking her feet as she swam for the toys. She also used the toys to teach her to climb out of the pool. She would put them on the ledge and show her how to reach for them. Repetition was the key to everything. The instructor did the same things, the same way each day.

They did finally put her under the water as long as I was in there with her like I said before, but they never let her fall under the water or put her under without her being prepared. She did great with it overall. That was something we had wanted to do, but I was a little hesitant to do it myself.


While she technically did not learn “to swim,” overall, I am glad we let her do it. I do feel like she learned the first steps, is more comfortable in the water, and can get out of the water. Since she is at home with just me most of the time any extra outing and fun thing we can do with her is a plus and she LOVED it.

I would just say use your own judgment!! If it is something you think your child would benefit from or enjoy, then go for it!! We had a wonderful experience!