Edna Grayce's Front Porch


The Story Behind the Sign

BusinessSera Beth Briggs

Today I wanted to share with y'all about my Edna Grayce's sign I use at my shows. It is the most important and special thing I have purchased since starting my business. 

First off, it is painted by Catherine Ann of Hi Y'all! I love anything she does. So when I had this idea in my head, I knew she was the perfect person to make it come to life. I wanted something unique that would stand out, and it to have a southern flare to it. It also needed to show the roots of my business. And boy does it do all of those things and more!!!

To help you understand, let me explain all the meanings of its words and quotes. 

Edna Flanagan: She is my great grandmother who Edna Grayce's is named after. She too owned a clothing store on the square in Kosciusko, MS many years ago.  

Believe, Dream, Pray, Blessed, & Adopt: Those are all words that are close to my heart, and they were used in some of the first t-shirts I ever designed. 

8/01/13: That was my very first day of business. 

Reclaimed Project, Love's Kitchen, and Center for Pregnancy Choices: Those are the three organizations I have chosen to support with Edna Grayce's. When I started, I knew I wanted to be able give back and this is where the money goes. Each organization holds a special place in my life for different reasons. 

And to top it all off, can we talk about the background?? The background is made of old sewing patterns and old tickets from my great-grandparent's department store!!!!! 

When building a house, a person would want to build it on solid ground so it wouldn't collapse. A person's spiritual life is built on the solid rock of Christ. So I knew starting my business I wanted it to be built of the solid foundation of God, faith, and family. This canvas tells my story!